Peer Predictions

Most likely....

Ellis Brown- Most likely to be a Gold Digger

Spencer McClure- Most likely to become twitter famous

Caroline Fitzgerald- Most likely to climb Mount Everest

Nick Baker- Most likely to become President

Caroline Williams- most Likely to be in the Greensboro symphony

Philip Ksor- Most likely to have his art work in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Grayson Sarver- Most likely to break all the bones in his body before he is 26

Charlie Alexander- Most likely to never win a victory royal

Diamond Canty and Kay Harris- Most likely to still be in the hallways

Khalil Belk- Most likely to be in the WWE

Christian Newby – Most likely to live in the middle of the forest

Olivia Knight- Most likely to be an athletic trainer

Chris Dutch- Most likely to be a Twitch streamer

Giovanni Santibanez- Most likely to play Sunday League soccer at age 70

Charlie Anderson- Most likely to have to repeat senior year

Red McClung- Most likely to be a published author

Parker Ettinger- Most likely to be a human pretzel

Mekayla Hemmingway- Most likely to be a professional dancer

Nick Mackovic – Most likely to get in a fist fight over the 2nd amendment

Sydney Deberry- Most likely to own a giraffe reservation

Jillian Heard- Most likely to be ejected from a sporting event as a spectator

Will still be....

Parker Wilson- Will still be tripping over his own feet

Bryan Bell- Will still be losing his front tooth

Ahmed- Will still be throwing the biggest bangers in the 336

Shykeem Purcell- Will still be hooping at the Y

Gailen Dunkel- Will still be sprinting through the halls

Jailen King- Will still not know what’s going on

Daron Diggs- Will still being getting a tattoo every week

Michael Edgerton- Will still be wearing a suit to class

Elijah Aekins- Will still be singing

Andrew Akins and Emma Amaglo- will still be dating

Andy Bestman- will still be the class clown

Wesley Picklesimer- will still have a short temper

Henry Hyde- Will still be making up time from high school

Ethan Mount- Will still be not coming back to class after lunch

Young Jin Jang- Will still be getting Victory Royale

Lawton Gresham- Will still be a Miami Heat bandwagon fan

Andy Bestman- Will still be saying he is allergic to cheese

Sunnah Pugh- Will still be working on his sound cloud mixtapes.

Miah Crow- Will not be a bartender but will still be pouring drinks

Armani Priester- Will still be the loudest person in the room

Mariah Williams- Will still not know which one they are talking about

Senior Superlatives

Most Athletic- Caroline Fitzgerald & Nick Baker

Best Dressed- Michael Edgerton and Eugenie Bernier

Cutest Couple- Emma Amalgo and Andrew Akins

Most School Spirit- Spencer McClure and Emma Heard

Best Smile- Lawton Gresham & Ava Macheledt

Most Likely to be Friends Forever- Sophie Hammer and Emma Scroggins

Most Artistic- Claire Audliet and Philip Ksor

Class Clown- Andy Bestman and Megan Jones

Most Likely to Get Their Phone Taken- Sloane Hoefle and Holden Bleiberg

Most Likely to Succeed- Austin Connors and Sophie Dalldorf